Everything you need to Spoil & Celebrate

Mindfulness starts one little bite at a time. May our handpicked products transcend you to a place of celebration.

“Luxurious handmade”

Sweet tempatations

Don’t expect exactly square or the same weight portions. Too much love has gone into the making of these products.

“Darling Sweet handcrafted toffees and soft caramels are butter-rich and preservative free in a range of innovative and exillirating flavours”

Darling Sweet

What started out as a personal treasure hunt for the best products to spoil ourselves and loved ones, then turned into Spoil Basket for all to enjoy.

Made with balsamic vinegar from Madena, Black Gold will transform any meat, fish or chicken disc. Drizzle on french fries, salads and stirr fries.

Chef Abe Conradie

The producers of these fine products are so proud of it, they put their name on it!