Gift Basket

To receive a basket filled to the brim with your favourite treats is not only the route from your tummy to your heart but a thoughtful gift. We created this platform to assist the Giver in this task.

  1. Quick and Simple Set-up – Start off with going to our Shop or to Setting up the Giver’s account (If you would like to save your basket and revisit it later). And because it’s all managed online, you can tend to it whenever suits you best.
  2. Gift Basket Fairy – Struggling with where to start? Choose from our Gift Basket Fairy’s suggestions.
  3. Huge Range and Reputation – We stock numerous delicacies that we test ourselves. You’re in good hands.
  4. Filter our products according to price: Lowest to highest – to make sure that you add as many products as your wallet allows.
  5. Personal Customer Service – Our friendly customer service team can assist you at any stage to personalize your gift with wrapping and packaging options, including a card and delivery.
  6. Let us deliver your gift to your door or to the Receivers. Wherever is convenient for you. Please use the Shipping address column at the checkout for this purpose.